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CNC GILDEMEISTER MD 6S- 4A - CNC turning machine

( X-500 mm Z-700 mm )
- possible 20-530 mm / optimal 80-400 mm

CNC GILDEMEISTER MD 5S-4A - CNC turning machine

( X-400 mm Z-700 mm )

CNC GILDEMEISTER MD 5S - CNC turning machine

(X-300 mm Z-500 mm)

CNC HEINEMANN - CNC turning machine

( X-350 mm Z-1000 mm )

CNC OKUMA - vertical milling machine

( X-700 mm Y-400 mm Z-400 mm )

Universal turning machine ADA

usefull lenght 1500 mm

Automatic hacksaw to the diameter 300 mm

2D digital heighmeter Mitutoyo LH-600

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